We pay the highest prices for Gold in Ottawa, Guaranteed!

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  • Free Quotes 
  • We Pay Cash on the Spot 

Cash for Gold - We Pay Top Dollar

Here at Noura's, we take gold and transform it into beautiful jewellery. That's what allows us to pay top dollar for your gold - we don't make money on reselling it, but rather we make money by transforming it into a one of a kind piece. 

 Come and visit us in our local shop for a free consultation with one of our Goldsmiths. After weighing the gold and examining it's purity, we will give you a free quote that's sure to be higher than any of our competitors. 

How it Works

Come into our local shop in Ottawa and one of our expert Goldsmiths will give you a no obligation quote for your Gold

  • We sort your items by purity (karat) 
  • We weigh it 
  • We cross reference the measurements with our index to give you a quote
  • We pay you cash on the spot - no waiting! 

What we Pay

Since we use the Gold in house for new Jewellery, there's no middleman and you get the highest price, guaranteed! 

  • No middleman
  • Transparent prices with no hidden fees
  • We track the market trends and offer only the best prices in all of Ottawa 
  • We pay you cash on the spot - no waiting! 

Our Prices

Gold Prices

Gold Purity0 - 499g500 - 2999g
$22.69 $22.69 
10kt$25.24 $25.24 
12kt$30.46 $30.46 
14kt$35.43 $35.43 
16kt$40.78 $40.78 
18kt$46.00 $46.00 
21kt$53.77 $53.77 
0.9000 Pure Gold Bar or Coin (21.6kt)$55.95 $55.95 
0.9160 Pure Gold Bar or Coin (22kt)$56.94 $56.94 
22kt$56.32 $56.32 
24kt$59.06 $59.06 

Silver Prices

Silver0 - 29,999g30,000 - 149,999g
Sterling Metallic
Pure Silver$0.74 $0.74 
800 Ag Metallic$0.59 $0.59 

Platinum Prices

Platinum0 - 499g500 - 2,999g
900 Pt Metallic
$27.28 $27.28 
Pure Pt Metallic$30.34 $30.34 

US Silver Coin Prices

US Silver Coins Per gramPer dollar face value
0.9000 Pure US Silver Coin (1964 or earlier) 
$0.68 $17.00
0.4000 Pure US Silver Coin "Kennedy Half Dollar" (1965-1970) $0.30 $6.90

Canadian Silver Coin Prices

Canadian Silver CoinsPer gramPer dollar face value
0.8000 Pure Canadian Silver Coin (1966 or earlier)
$0.61 $14.23
0.6000 Pure Canadian Silver Coin (1967) $0.46 $10.73
0.5000 Pure Canadian Silver Coin (1968) $0.38 $8.86

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